Monday, August 23, 2010

Hello Blog World

Hello fellow Bloggers and welcome to my page! 
I've thought of making a Blog for a while now but never had the time to do it, still don't but I said to myself 'self you should look into this so-called blogging world because you might like it' ... I'll get back to you on that one!  So far I've had a bit of trouble understanding how this all works and thanks to my friend I think I got it (almost)!  Wow just realized I forgot to introduce myself!
Hi, my name is Jackie!  I'm a Mother, a Wife and Loyal Friend!  Anthony, my husband and I have been together since May 2002 and we got married in December 2003!  We met in high school, we both worked at a Bar-B-Que restaurant, Bill Miller's and it's oh so yummy, together and we've been together ever since.  Anthony went into the Army in July 2003 and our first duty station was Fort Sill, OK.  Oh the joys of Fort Sill, don't get me wrong we actually liked Fort Sill believe it or not!  It had it's up's and down's but that's where we started our journey together!  We PCS in 2006 to Schofield Barracks, HI and that's where you can find me.  Anthony, and I that is, have endured two deployments and oh so many days, weeks and months of training apart from each other, tear!  During Anthony's second deployment he called me at 4am and says 'Babe, I think we should have a baby' .... umm what, wait, what?  Ayden was born July 17, 2008 and that has been the best oh so wonderful present he has ever given me!  He is the air to my lungs, the light to my dark and the beat to my heart, I'm pretty sure I can go on but those will do for now!  I love being a Mom even though at the moment Ayden has been sick more days than healthy and that's a NO GO in my book!  I'm doing everything in my power to find out what's causing this and I'll keep you updated.  I love being a wife too!  Anthony is off at training, surprise surprise but should be home soon!  Enough about THEM, let's talk about ME!  I'm trying to like working out but it's not going to well.  I've read the Harry Potter Books AND the Twilight Series, yes go ahead and just say it .. go on, I'll wait .. NERD!  Hey I like those books and you would to if you just read them people haha.  I'm looking for new books so if you have any in mind send the info my way.  I like to cook and bake, I'll bake and then give it away because we aren't that big on sweets.  I used to like scrapbook but if given the chance to scrapbook or sleep, I'll take sleep any day!  There's alot more to me but I have to go pick up Ayden, my Mr. Personality!


  1. Sweet!!! Looking forward to more!!

  2. 3 years at Sill?! Bless your heart... Glad you've joined us in blogland!

  3. Woohoo, welcome to the blog world!! I love it here, when I write...which isn't as much as I use to...hehe...