Wednesday, October 6, 2010

This month is full of ghosts, goblins, witches and pumpkins!

   It's October 6th and I feel like not just the last couple of months but year has flown by WAY to fast!  We've started decorating the house for Halloween, which is so awesome because I love to see Ayden get excited about all the lights!  We've got his costume all ready for him, he's going to be a pirate, ARRR!  If I can pull it off maybe I can get Anthony to dress up too but that's a day that everyone will have to wait for! 
   This month is not just about Halloween, it's about Anthony being at training yet again & my twin brothers birthday, meaning it's my birthday too!  Anthony left last night at 2am and before I know it he will be back!  This isn't my first training exercise so I know what to expect.  It doesn't get any easier and you never get used to it, you just learn what you have to do to keep yourself busy!  All of these days, weeks and months away are helping prepare our soldiers for their year long journey to the oh so fun 'sand box'.  After this training exercise we will have our soldiers until the next which isn't until January. 
   In the meantime my twin will be celebrating his 27th birthday, October 15th.  I haven't spent a birthday with him since 2002 and I wish I could be there to say SURPRISE HAPPY BIRTHDAY, one day that will happen.  Since Anthony isn't here I don't have any plans, I'm thinking Ayden will surprise me with pizza and a night full of The Backyardigans episodes.  When Anthony comes back I'm pretty sure he will have something up his sleeve, he's 'very very sneaky' (anybody know what movie that's from, no?  Mr. Deeds).  Anthony and I have this weird tradition that we have done since 2002, when it's my birthday I get him something and (that's right) when it's his birthday he gets me something.  This year this tradition wasn't carried out so I'm thinking when he gets home we can have a redo, sounds like a good idea huu?!
   Other than that this month will probably fly by like the rest.  All of you out there who agree enjoy all the moments you have with each other because before you know it the dreadful trip to the oh so fun 'sand box' will be here.

   Time is such a precious thing.  Never waste it! ~ Willy Wonka

Beware fellow Bloggers!  Ghosts, Goblins, Witches and Pumpkins are EVERYWHERE!

*Stay tuned pictures of the house are to come!*


  1. Let's just pray that this PTA is not a repeat of last PTA (on both islands!!)

    And I LOVE Mr. Deeds!!! My brother and I each got a gift on the other's birthday, for our half birthdays since they are exactly 6 months apart, but that ended like years and years ago, bahahaha...hope you have a great birthday!