Sunday, November 21, 2010


   There are times in ones life when they come to a crossroad and they have to redefine who they are.  I believe the people you surround yourself with should be able to accept you for who you are but is able to accept the challenge of being honest with you even if it means hurting your feelings.  With that said here is the definiton of friendship for those of you who have forgotten.

a person who gives assistance
a person who gives support
a person who is loyal
a person who honors the relationship
a person who is on good terms with another
a person who is not hostile
a person you know well
a person you regard with affection 
a person you trust
a person with whom you are acquainted

     I have realized I have went to long letting people in my life who I've trusted only to get hurt by their actions.  Some of these individuals I've come to understand they have never cared, if they have cared their actions are inappropriate.  I know at times I've swayed from the person I was taught to be but I've realized it ... hence the blog.  I was watching a show tonight, I look up and surprise surprise they are talking about two different kinds of personalities people portray, 'two parts of a person, a trader or an angel'.  While watching to this show I thought how weird it was to be hearing this discussion at the precise moment I was writing this blog.  Then I thought how simple 'trader or an angel' sums up how I was feeling.  Take my husband for instance an angel, my son (of course) and angel (duh), 2 friends of mine (no names) ANGELS ... the list can go on and on but the first step is realizing, second is coming to terms and the last is forgiving.  You would think I would be saying 'at this moment forgiveness is not in my vocabulary blah blah blah' but it's funny because I'm actually not upset.  In my heart I believe it's because I have an awesome husband and a healthy son which makes me complete.  For those friends I can trust I am blessed to know I have them in my life.  I know I can count on them when I need a good laugh, a shoulder to cry on, advice to give and clothes to share (which is a bonus)!!!
     At the moment I'm smiling, I look around and I know I'm loved; My heart is full of happiness and I know that could make the world bright forever. 



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