Wednesday, November 10, 2010

     Today is Veterans Day and I would like to thank all the Veterans in my life.  My husband SSG Anthony Roberts, my twin brother George Salas, 3-7 FA Schofield Barracks Hawaii, all of my fellow friends and all of the men and women who had served or are still serving.  Anthony gets a four day weekend and you think we would be doing countless things but to be honest we don't have anything planned, just relaxing!  I'm pretty sure we will have a nice lunch out somewhere or we might BBQ, hmm BBQing sounds good!  
     Thanksgiving is coming up, I'm excited because Ayden is old enough to help cook!  He's been helping me cook alot, I tell him to grab his stool, wash his hands and off we go!  We made pumpkin chocolate chip bars the other day, the recipe was actually supposed to be cookies but bars sounded much better ... and easier.  They didn't turn out so well, didn't taste that 'pumpkiney' to me so I think I will have to tweak the recipe.  Our ball is also coming up, we won free tickets which is awesome because our child care is $10/hr!  I'm excited to go to the ball because I know no one will have my dress, a girls worst nightmare to look around and see someone else in the same dress, it's a NO go!  I'm going to attempt to do my own hair which might turn out to be a disaster but that's ok, it's long enough to just curl, pin up and be done .. nothing fancy!
     Other than that I've just been busy with the gym and helping Ayden learn to count, he has 1-15 down; colors, red needs more attention; attempting ABC's and he's been talking so much lately, which is so heartwarming to hear!  He's had a bit of a cold and has ALL FOUR molars coming in, a couple of times we've noticed his gums bleeding, tear!  Potty training is going great, most of the time he comes up to me saying 'potty' and he goes ... funny thing is as I was typing this he came up to me and said 'potty' and he went ... we did the 'YEAYYYY' dance!!!
     Well that is what's going on in our lives at the moment, it's time to get off and go 'splash splash', bath time if you didn't catch that one!
     Until next time ....
* We've got the whole wide world in our yards to explore, now it's time for us to have a snack, meet you next time when we're back, we're your friends, THE BACKYARDIGANS *


  1. I tried to comment on the trick or treat one, but it said there was an error...

    Congrats on the tickets! I still have to go buy my dress, I have no idea what to wear...

    And what I said in my comment on the last post was just that Ayden was the cutest pirate ever, and he should have own the contest, but that he's a winner in my book. And I'm so glad to hear potty training is going so well, and he's quite the smart little man, but we already knew that ;)

  2. Hey, its always good to hear you are all doing well :) Your family is so cute. I was smiling BIG when I read the email that you won the tickets! P.s. I hope you accept to be treasurer! Its easy and I got it all organized and ready to go for ya. Hope your 4 day is relaxing and fun. hugs*