Thursday, December 9, 2010

St. Barbara Ball 2010

Saint Barbara, the daughter of a wealthy aristocrat, was tortured and executed after her father discovered she had converted to Christianity.  Legend has it that after her father executed her, he was struck down by lightning in divine retribution. Because of this, she soon was regarded as the patron saint in time of danger from thunderstorms, fires and sudden death. She became the patron saint of Artillerymen from early on in the development of artillery pieces as early cannons were unreliable, and at times would explode wounding and killing their crews. Saint Barbara was invoked by these early cannoneers in the hope she would protect them from this fate.
Mary Ludwig Hays born in 1744 to a German dairy farmer in Pennsylvania. She began her career as a maid to Dr. William Irvine at age 13. She later retired to marry John Casper Mc Cauly, a barber. In 1775 he enlisted in the Colonial Artillery and Mary was there every step of the way. At the Battle of Monmouth she used a pitcher to carry water from a nearby spring to thirsty and dying soldiers, even to her former employer, Dr. Irvine. After her husband was wounded, she took over his cannon. These deeds earned her recognition from George Washington and her nickname, Molly Pitcher.
     Saint Barbara day is traditionally recognized by a formal Dining-In or military ball, often involving presentations of the Order of Saint Barbara and the Honorable Order of Molly Pitcher. 

     On the 3rd of December from 6:00 PM to 11:00 PM, 3-7 Field Artillery came together for our annual ball.  It was held at the Sheraton Waikiki Hotel.  Our ball included the Alpha Wardogs, in my opinion were the loudest during the evening RUFF RUFF, Bravo Bulls, Golf Gladiators and HHB Hardcore.  Dinner included roast beef and chicken with mashed potatoes and veggies on the side, man oh man this was yummy!  For dessert we were treated to two different options, one spouse received a chocolate cake covered with chocolate moose and topped with different nuts, the opposite spouse received shortcake with, I believe, vanilla moose and topped with fruit.  For those pirates in us looking for treasure, there were strawberries hidden inside the shortcake!  When Anthony wasn't looking I'd cut up his shortcake looking for those strawberries, when he turned around to take a bite he looked at his bowl then looked at me, looked back at his bowl then (yup) looked at me again ... I never made eye contact after that!  After dinner we all watched while different Artillerymen prepared the Artillery Punch.  Now there are a couple of pictures below and I'm pretty sure you're going to look and think that's a girly drink because of the word punch but DO NOT let that fool you!  There's 9 different kinds of alcohol in that punch, I think, and items that cannot be shared due to the Code of the Red Legs (Artillerymen).  Each alcohol, and everything else included in that punch, represent something but sorry to inform you, I know you're dying to know but I honestly don't remember what all them represent.  After finishing the punch the soldiers that were being inducted into the Order of Saint Barbara (a military honor society, the award is named for Saint Barbara, the patron saint of Artillerymen) were given their medals as well as the wives being recognized by the Order of Molly Pitcher (recognizes women who have voluntarily contributed in a significant way for improvement) were given their awards.  This almost concludes our evening ... next up DANCING!  Anthony and I danced to 'Then' by Brad Paisley but called it quits after that because we wanted to get home to Ayden!!! 
     Overall our evening was great, we enjoyed each others company with great friends and lots of laughs.  I hope you enjoy these pictures, I wish there were more but my camera sucks!  (If any of you would like to contribute to my new camera fund please feel free, thanks!)

Aww the cute couple!


SSG Melnyk and Heather

I have NO idea what Heather is doing, =)

In love

SGT Henington and Samantha

SGT Henington with the Artillery Punch, told you it was intense!


Yes, us again .. it's my blog people =)

He takes my breath away!

I like to move it move!

We are just that cool that we need 500+ pictures of us!

Wow break it down now!

Aww good times!

A toast to ARTILLERY!

A perfect way to end the night, with a shot of tequila! 
*There was a gentleman sitting a couple of seats away, when we thought the waiter was bringing us our bill he said 'the gentleman over there paid for it', we all thanked him and he said 'NO THANK YOU ALL, EVEN YOU WIVES, FOR EVERYTHING YOU DO FOR ALL OF US!'  It gave us chills to know some random stranger cared about us!* 

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  1. that was really nice of that guy, things like that give me chills too :) and you looked AMAZING!!